Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fay, Khris & Pat

Pat, Khris, Fay

We enjoyed Khris and Glenn's visit the past couple days. It was very nice to meet them. We took them to Red Rock Dam near Pella, Ia to see the Bald Eagles. Though it was nice to see the eagles it did not take long to get back in the truck with the below zero windchills.

Monday we went to Mom's (Fay) quilt shop (B & B Creations Quilt Shop) just 4 blocks from my house. Then we came back to my house and we made a notebook holder from This and That.


  1. Crikey mate!!! You could have photoshopped my black eyes out..LOL...a big thank you again for have us...Glen and both loved our visit with you guys and got sooo spoiled. We can't wait for you guys to come to Oz so we can spoilt you guys...hugs Khris

  2. Hello Pat and welcome....Pam here, waving vigorously from really chilly Philadelphia, PA where today, so far, we had a dusting of snow (just to tease us!)lol... and now some very cold temperatures 15 F! I will save your blog site and visit often. Tell your Mom (Fay) hello and welcome as well! You're gonna love it here as these ladies are really sweet, supportive and wise.....oh, did I forget to say talkative...teeheehee