Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goslar - 6-30

Hi all
Today we went to Goslar, a historic city here in the Harz mountains. It is so cool. The history is unbelieveable. I love it. The old houses, the palace, the market place all so cool. One house belonged to the Siemens family.
Then we went to a mine and took a tour. Yep me too hard hat and all. Hopped, well maybe not hopped, but squeezed into a mine car. LOL
Then off into the mine shaft went went on the train. Then we got out and walked - a lot of steps and then into the shaft. Then we left that one and went to another area and got on a boat and pulled our way into the shaft by cable. Then we had lunch in a lovely little cafe. Then drove into the mountains to an over look. It was so cool.
Tonight we are going to a German restaurant for dinner.
It is rather warm here, but not too bad. Hard to get used to no air conditioning for a spoiled American. LOL
Well off to dinner

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello From Germany

Hello everyone from Germany. We arrived Saturday evening in Hamburg. We drove around the city a bit. Then went to Sinje's and had dinner with her parents. Sunday morning we went to a Fish market. They have everything there. We bought pastries, french fries and a sandwich to take on the train. Then we got on the train to go to Osterode. Ann-Nika and her father picked us up and we went to her house to meet her family. Then we went to walk around the city of Osterode. They have fantastic old buildings there. We had gelato. That is great. Then today we went to the Harz mountains. We hiked a bit, and looked at the views. Then we went to a lake, went up a ski lift to the second highest mountain, climed the ski jump tower and went to a dam. Then we went to have lunch at a secenic overlook. We did many things that I thought I would never do because I am afraid of heights. "We also saw where the border between East and West Germany was. We stopped at a glass factory also, but could not take a tour. This evening we went to a grocery market.

Tomorrow we will tour a mine.
Joshua told me today via email that the kitties miss us a lot. He said they are following him around

More in the coming days.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grandma Berniece

Asking for prayers for my Grandma and my parents. Grandma is in Hospice. The indication is only a few more days.

Please pray she finds peace and goes home to no more pain.

She has had a great 90 years