Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goslar - 6-30

Hi all
Today we went to Goslar, a historic city here in the Harz mountains. It is so cool. The history is unbelieveable. I love it. The old houses, the palace, the market place all so cool. One house belonged to the Siemens family.
Then we went to a mine and took a tour. Yep me too hard hat and all. Hopped, well maybe not hopped, but squeezed into a mine car. LOL
Then off into the mine shaft went went on the train. Then we got out and walked - a lot of steps and then into the shaft. Then we left that one and went to another area and got on a boat and pulled our way into the shaft by cable. Then we had lunch in a lovely little cafe. Then drove into the mountains to an over look. It was so cool.
Tonight we are going to a German restaurant for dinner.
It is rather warm here, but not too bad. Hard to get used to no air conditioning for a spoiled American. LOL
Well off to dinner

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  1. Sounds like a lovely trip! I would have enjoyed all of what you saw and did!