Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy October
What a busy month. 
Hannah turned 2 last Sunday.  We also have a 1-1/2 month old Granddaughter Cheyna living with us.  Our house if always hopping
This weekend Mom and Dad are at Winterset Covered Bridge Festival Quilt Show.  Next weekend we havd the shop hop at the shop.  That will be fun.

I can't wait until Christmas.  I am planning on doing a lot of our gifts myself rather than going out and buying things.  We are working on "practical" and "useful" gifts this year.  It's been fun planning. 
Joshua is also working on handmade gifts this year.

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  1. Gosh I haven't been good at keeping up with blog reading for a bit....Hannah is 2 years old already...gosh how time goes by....and you have a baby living in the house with you? How are you coping with that? I would be exhausted.
    Hugs Khris