Saturday, July 27, 2013

Howard Cemetery - Mahaska County Iowa

Bruce and Matthew are doing a wonderful job keeping up the Howard Cemetery.  This is a pioneer cemetery.  I am so appreciative that they want to do this.  It saddens me when I see a cemetery that is not being taken care of.  Thank you guys.
We started this project in April.  Bruce and I worked on evening and the next Saturday we had help from several family members:  Dave and Jane McCombs, Mark and Angela Bacus, Cindy Vos, Stephanie Rus and Matthew Brammer.  The place was totally over grown with weeds and the trees needed trimmed.  We got it all cleaned up minus burning the brush.  It looked much better.  Today it looks nice.  Next step is to finish fixing the fence and then clean up the stones.  A very rewarding project.

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