Friday, April 3, 2009

Country Wall Hanging Give-Away

Hi everyone.

I have a wall hanging (pictured here) that I will give away on April 30th. All you have to do is post a comment
1. telling me why you want the wall hanging
2. why you should win it.
On April 30th I will draw a name from all entries. Please fell free to share this with your friends, the more the merrier.

Hope to hear from a lot of folks.


  1. Hi Pat,

    I would love to win the wall hanging, because it is red... my favourite colour and the theme of this would fit into my house really well...

    Why I should win.... no particular reason..... but I am willing to have a try......
    Cath Ü

  2. I would love to win the wall hanging because it is beautiful.

    why I should win.....I will take really good care of it and I want it!! LOL
    hugs Karen

  3. Hey Cath got in first but RED is my favourite colour...and I shouldnt really win it because you gave me some panels like this to make my own, but hey, if its made then why not...LOL
    I had to comment didnt I...hugsss Khris

  4. Love your blog and thanks for the patterns of the can- and bottleholders.
    Why the wallhanging: because it's red, it had an owl, strawberies, flowers, a butterfly , and I'm just mentioning a few of my favorite items I see there ;-)).
    Why I should win: it's obvious the wallhanging want's to emigrate to Holland. Dutch hugs

  5. Hi Pat, I'd like to win the wall hanging because it has an owl on it...I loves owls and it also has a butterfly on it, which is my grand daughters nickname...butterfly TaShie.

    As for why I should win...well as my accounting teacher once just is, so I say, just coz! Oh and also, if I win, it'll save you postage, as you can send it with the Xmas in July stuff! lol

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win your giveaway hun.


  6. Hi Pat,

    I would love to win this as while i try to do my own handy work i am not very good at it so it would give me inspiration to do better work, there is not much around where i live in the UK that i can see.

    As to why i should win it is because then i would feel that i could possible do some handy crafts for charity

    Well Good Luck to who are in the draw & thank you for giving us all the chance to win this
    Hugs Janice

  7. I would love to win this wall hanging because it would be perfect in my dining room and because I love redwork. I have several redwork wall hangings and quilts that I have made and your wall hanging would be the perfect compliment to those.

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  8. I would love to win this wall hanging, because I love redwork. I machine embroider redwork all the time , so it would fit in perfectly. The colours are gorgoues and the pics are of things that I love.

  9. Hi Pat,
    What a beautiful is in my favorite color! I would love to collect this little beauty for I have nothing like this...would really cherish a red embroidery....whatever the case, it is truly a beauty!

  10. Hi Pat, Love the wall hanger i would to win it for my Mum who has been going through a bit of late and that would cheer her up

    Lucy from Aussie

  11. Hi Pat
    You've made beautiful wall hanging, lovely for a home with a country theme :-)

  12. I would love this beautiful wall hanging because redwork makes my heart go pitter patter and I should win it because it is so

  13. love the wallhanging and thats why i want it and I should win cause its screaming out it needs to come live with me in oklahoma

  14. Why would I want to receive this wall-hanging you ask? is adorable and so perfect for a bare wall in my kitchen! But then I'm afraid when mom comes to visit she'll see that owl and want it. It is just darned CA-UTE!!

  15. I love your work! I would like to win because I have a dear friend that helped me through a rough time. She gave me a couch (new!) coffee and end tables and lamps when I was going through a financially hard time, and divorce and I had no furniture. Of course Ive told her thank you numerous times but it doesnt seem like enough. She loves quilts and her kitchen is red! If I won it would go straight to her to show my appreciation!!!

  16. Hi Pat, I came to check out your blog after you posted on mine (thanks btw!) and what do I see? This beautiful wall hanging!
    I would love to win this because I love redwork and have always wanted to do some but other things always get in the way, so my house is redworkless :-( , also it would fit in so well with my r/w/b country kitchen!
    Why I should win....hmmmm, because I want to win this so much..LOL

  17. Miss wallhanging would love a little adventure and it would be an adventure for her to hang on an English wall because she looks like she really belongs on this side of the pond. She is lovely!
    Eileen in the UK

  18. I would love to win this darling wallhanging. First, the colors Red/white are my high school colors. The queen Anne's Lace-there is a story that my great aunt saw it in lower Michigan, and brought it back to Traverse City and that is why it grows up there, the strawberries, for 4 years I picked strawberries to earn money, so did my siblings, and so did my mom to suppliment our income, the bread, my dad in his later years used to make bread-a little of this, a little of that, honey for sure. The owl, the little house we 7 lived in, I used to hear an owl, and I would try to mimic it hoping it would answer me back

  19. This is a beautiful wallhanging and I would love to win it. My DDIL's favorite color is red and I can see this in her house. She would love it and it would make a beautiful gift for her.

    St Pete, FL

  20. I want to win because this wall hanging would look great in my 100+ yr old house. THis is my husbands family homestead....I should win because this house is so in need of homey touches.

  21. Hi Pat I love your blog and website...Let's see why I should win the wallhanging is because it is beautiful and I have never won anything in reference to this wonderful art. It would mean a gift from the heart of warmth and friendship. And I would want to win for the same reason...thanks for the opportunity.

  22. Hi Pat,
    This wallhanging would look great in my sewing cottage! I have lots of empty walls I'm trying to fill up with quilting! I spend a lot of time here at the cottage and anything I can do to give it a special look would give me joy!

  23. Wow, this is just stunning, you won me with the beautiful stitcheries I especially loved the owl. It would be an honour to have this hanging in my home. Happy days to you.

  24. It's a beautiful wallhanging, which would look lovely in my house. Why I should win - because I've never won anything from all these giveaways!

  25. Would loveeeeeee to have this wallhanging in my kitchen " It is gorgous and I love redwork! Why because I never win anyyyyyyyyything and at 59 its over due. lols

  26. I love Red it is one of my favourite colours. Also I love redwork. My house is accessorised in red and this would go so well in my home. Why should I win??Hmmmm thats a good question...I guess youve got to be in to win.So if I win Id be thrilled if I didnt Id try again...Have a great day.